TAMERLAN EMPIRE - Isfahan's Fall Demo (Digipak CD)

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Tamerlan Empire performs a fusion of symphonic black metal with Middle Eastern melodies and rhythms. The style has taken the aggressiveness of metal and blend in an eastern sounding tone that reflects the great emperor Tamerlan’s ideology. The following has been a creative challenge to arrange music in both a western and eastern style while retaining the metal format. The result is a unique sound that can be identified as Tamerlan Empire!

“Tamerlan” (also known as: Timurlan, Amir Temur, Timurleng, Timur Khan) once a powerful emperor, was the source of lyrical content of the band that is also reflected its unique sound. Not only are the songs about the past emperor’s battles and conquests but have drawn a much deeper influence from his dark brutal side and strategic mind that were observed in his detailed forward-thinking many steps ahead of the enemies and allies. Unbridled cruelty and archness; the songs also highlight the overlord’s great interest and contribution to science, architecture, astronomy and literature during his reign. The band Tamerlan Empire doesn’t follow any religious or anti-religious concepts and has its own view and opinion on every instance. Like Tamerlan’s army, the band is welded with high discipline unity and strives for its goals.

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The original pressing on digipack CD when the band was called simply “Tamerlan” is limited to only 100 copies – These are the last 5 copies!



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