CERNUNNOS WOODS - Forest Anthology (Digipak CD)


Cernunnos Woods - Forest Anthology Digipak CD dungeon synth medieval ambient
Forest Anthology
Digipak CD



It has been 20 years since the last Cernunnos Woods release but once again the trees have begun to stir in the autumn woods. In preparation for the upcoming new album Dark Age Productions is proud to present Forest Anthology a remastered compilation of the earliest Cernunnos Woods material. Featuring 12 tracks from the Tears of the Weeping Willow, Lost Woods and Immrama demos as well as 3 bonus tracks. Over 50 minutes of primitive 1990s ritualistic dark atmosphere / dungeon synth.

Available as a 4 panel Digipak CD Limited to 100 copies with exclusive book cover style design

Also available as 100 copies on black shell pro-cassette tapes with gold imprint and color cover.
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This release is produced by the Dark Age Productions division of Metal Hell Records
Dark Age Productions dark ambient dungeon synth label

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