TENGGER CAVALRY New Album Details & Pre-order!

Tengger Cavalry Blood Sacrifice Shaman Album Cover (2015)

Folk metal band TENGGER CAVALRY has completed their upcoming album “Blood Sacrifice Shaman” which will be released worldwide by Metal Hell Records on May 18th 2015.

The music on the Blood Sacrifice Shaman album has been completely re-recorded and expended compared to the original 2010 China limited release.  Combining heavy metal with ancient shamanic ritual music and Mongolian folk. Featuring horse-head fiddle and throat singing as well as frame drum, shaman bell and many more diverse ethnic instruments.

The title, concept and artwork of Blood Sacrifice Shaman reflects the philosophy and atmospheres of ancient Mongolian shamanism. Shamanism is the earliest religion in human history, which exalts nature, the grassland, forest and animals. A shaman was someone with the wisdom to understand natures forces and could communicate with the gods of the wild. Blood sacrifice is one of the most primal forms of sacrifice, with the offering an animal’s blood to the sky father to show veneration.

Full track-list:
Соёмбо (Hymn Of The Mongolian Totem)
Tengger Cavalry
The Wolf Ritual
The Native
Blood Sacrifice Shaman
Bonus tracks:
Tengger Cavalry (2009)
Blood Sacrifice Shaman (2009)


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