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Metal Hell Records is very proud to announce the signing of New Zealand’s traditional metal warriors FORSAKEN AGE!

Forsaken Age, driven by stubbornness and a passion for tradition, honoring the road warriors of true heavy metal. Starting as a covers band in 2009, fueled by beer and mischief, the band quickly established themselves in the local New Zealand scene. Then one day in a moment of clarity, they cast their eye over a scene that was quick to forget the very essence of Heavy Metal and it’s origins. Heavy Metal was fast becoming a memory from a forgotten age. Forsaken Age made the call for all heavy metal warriors to stand together, make their mark and battle to keep true metal alive.

The bands debut album “Back From Extinction” was recorded and released as a shot across the bow of those who dare to disgrace heavy metal. It signaled the band’s intention and desire to honor only the true warriors of steel. This was followed by two New Zealand tours and a tour with Ripper Owens. From there the band went from strength to strength as a live act supporting Nightwish, Korpiklanni, Alestorm and many Australian touring bands. So far having played numerous festivals in New Zealand and Australia including Steel Assassins – True Metal Festival, the road will call again in 2017.

January 2017 will see the worldwide release of the Vengeance of the Slain 5 track mini-album on Metal Hell Records. True to form the EP is traditional heavy metal. Forsaken Age sounds a call to metal warriors everywhere “See you on the road where our thunder so loud and powerful will ensure the Gods themselves, will never forget true Heavy Metal……You are all heavy metal and we are FORSAKEN AGE!”

You can pre-order Vengeance of the Slain now:

Forsaken Age - Vengeance of the slain flier true heavy metal classic metal traditional metal

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