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Stormtide Band Lineup Fantasy Folk Metal

Metal Hell Records is very proud to announce the addition of Australian fantasy metallers STORMTIDE to it’s growing ranks of true metal warriors!

STORMTIDE is a High-Fantasy inspired Symphonic Death metal band formed in Melbourne, Australia in late 2013. Since that time STORMTIDE has toured extensively to the major hubs in Australia including Sydney, Adelaide and Dubbo – playing alongside elite international artists such as Eluveitie, Finntroll and Gloryhammer as part of various tour support endeavors.

Described as “Fantasy Metal” by most, STORMTIDE combines heavily orchestrated movements with uniquely heavy guitar and drum work. Paired with deeply guttural vocals, an intense live show involving swords, sorcery and stylish full plate armor and an intricately woven story centering on the adventures of the Warrior, the Prince and the Magician.

Having released the critically acclaimed EP “A Skald’s Tale” and the highly lauded “As Two Worlds Collide” single, both available for streaming and download at the bands Bandcamp page. STORMTIDE has spent the better part of three years perfecting their debut album. Which will make it’s appearance on US label Metal Hell Records in the summer of 2016 on CD and Digital.

STORMTIDE has become a staple of the Australian metal scene and is now setting its sights on shores beyond.


Reuben Stone – Keyboards/Orchestrations/Vocals

Taylor Stirrat – Vocals

Tyson Richens – Guitars/Vocals

Jake Pickering – Drums

Simon Fragiotta – Bass

Nic Woodhouse – Guitars

Official Website: http://stormtidemetal.com

Bandcamp: http://stormtide.bandcamp.com

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/Stormtideaustralia